The Challenge

The police station that formerly occupied the building at 27 Savile Row was purpose-built and followed some very specific requirements set out by Scotland Yard at the time.

The police station front desk was vacated in 2017 and the building is currently unoccupied. Some of the challenges with the existing building are highlighted below.

A raised ground floor prevents inclusive access and fails modern building standards

A large portion of solid façades with few windows on the upper floors limiting daylight and views out of the building

Complex internal spatial organisation which was designed to meet bespoke police station specifications, including holding police cells and varying floor levels

Plant, services and circulation for the building designed for its use as a dedicated police station that are inappropriate for office purposes

Low floor-to-ceiling height

Inflexible structures making space planning extremely challenging

With the low-quality internal space, the building cannot even serve as a modern-day police station.

It is also challenging to retrofit for an alternative use with inadequate sustainability credentials (EPC Grade G – poorest quality), and disability access non-compliant.

The case for redevelopment

*CGIs in this film do not represent revised designs.

The climate emergency means we all need to be concerned about the environmental impact of redevelopment. We have assessed a number of options and propose a sustainable replacement that mitigates the carbon impact of redevelopment.